Our Phlosophy

It is our belief that every project in which we are involved must meet our clients' needs, be aesthetically pleasing, function efficiently, and be built within the owners' budgetary constraints. We are a hands on, down to earth, sensible firm believing that personal attention and hard work are the keys to success. We believe in listening to your requests and to incorporate them into our ideas for the best design possible. Our entire staff is courteous and responsive to your needs.

What Concerns Us During A Project?

First and foremost, the building must function in relation to the clients' building program. We consider this to be the most important part of our job. A building program is established according to the clients' needs and requirements, forming the basis of the building design. Through our experience, we take the building program and design a building which addresses the clients' needs.

The project must be attractive, both visually and dimensionally; the space must feel comfortable to its inhabitants. Great care is taken to ensure that the building relates to the people who will occupy the building. In conjunction with the visual and dimensional proportions of the structure, the types of materials that are used for the building are of the utmost importance and great care is given to the selection of the materials to be used, based on their aesthetic quality as well as their cost.

While creating a space that is functionally and aesthetically correct, the budget is a prime consideration. The clients' needs are evaluated and incorporated into a building that will fit the clients' budget. Our probable cost estimates are carefully prepared providing the client with a realistic idea of the cost of the building. These estimates are presented at the end of the Schematic Design Phase and again at the end of the Preliminary Design Phase. The Schematic Design Phase cost estimate is based on a cost per square foot basis while the Preliminary Design Phase cost estimate is an itemized cost estimate. Pictured on the right is a conference area at Cirillo Architects.

Code Compliance
Great attention is given to federal, state and local codes to avoid any problems during and after construction of the building. All aspects of the project are researched to ensure compliance, including those areas of the codes dealing with handicapped accessibility. When a code issue is not clear, we have a code consultant for expert advice, or we contact the New York State Division of Codes directly for an interpretation.

Personal Attention
Personal attention is a very important factor to us. Mr. Cirillo will always be involved with your project at all times. We believe in listening to your requests and comments to incorporate them into our ideas. We will always return your phone calls, produce an additional drawing or memo, or make that extra trip to the site if needed. Drawings and specifications are carefully and thoroughly prepared, thereby reducing the need for change orders once construction has started. Periodic visits are scheduled to constantly check the construction, making sure that the contractor understands the intent of the drawings and specifications. This alleviates many misunderstandings and problems before they become major situations.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Design
The energy efficiency of a building has always been a prime concern in the design of projects. We typically specify an energy efficient building envelope which exceeds the requirements of the energy code. In addition, high efficiency mechanical equipment and lighting, as well as low flow toilets are also normally specified. When the project program allows, we incorporate alternative energy systems such as photovoltaic solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling, solar hot water heating and wind turbines. Building orientation and passive solar heating, cooling and shading devices are also methods we have incorporated into designs to improve the energy efficiency of a building.